Decommissioning needn’t be the end of the lifecycle of an asset. Whilst the asset may need to be decommissioned from its current purpose, it is not the end of the materials used to construct it and much of it can be re-used or recycled for uses within the business or sold on at value.

To decommission effectively and efficiently, you first need to understand what you actually have, and this involves sound preparation and planning whilst the asset is still operational. Our consultants have experience of helping companies do just that – to date we are the only company with proven experience of environmental operations, planning and compliance in relation to taking a large producing asset from operations to close of production and on to a world leading single lift and disposal.

Over the years our team has developed an extensive materials inventory that not only identifies specific assets but also key components. This enables us to create a picture for our customers of the volume of all materials that can potentially be repurposed for use both inside and outside of their current business structure.

Targe’s decommissioning service ensures your decommissioning programme will be delivered in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly manner but also recognises hidden value by implementing measures that mitigate risk and keep exposure to cost at a minimum for all identified stakeholders.